Why does she only want to be friends?

This girl is really shy. Never had a boyfriend, I was her first kiss, and she is just nervous and uncomfortable with that kind of stuff. We were dating and I kissed her once. afterward she said she doesn't want to take it to kissing just yet. I wait two more dates and at the end I try to kiss her again and she rejects it. Then we have a texting convo where she says she really wants to be friends, she doesn't want to force anything, and we don't have to do "date stuff". I confessed how I felt about her but she said "the feelings aren't mutual..." There are no other guys in her life and we get along great. Not just me saying that. She has told me I'm really fun.

OK anyway, what are the odds we can go from dating to friends and then back to dating? I felt we were really close to a relationship but she's scared of the word relationship I guess. After our first and only kiss she said we should stick to friend stuff and now again she says she wants to be friends. But she talks about how we should Skype over the summer when we can't see each other and she said I should come study abroad with her next year.

Last thing...why did she let me kiss her the first time and then not the second time? She's comfortable with my contact...I touch her arm, hand, and shoulder...she doesn't flinch when I touch her hair to get it out of her face, I put my arm around her and held her close to keep her warm and she didn't pull away and right before she rejected my kiss, I put my arm on her leg and kept it there as I was trying to get her to stay longer and she didn't pull away or look uncomfortable. So why is she fine with that but I try the kiss and get rejected?
Why does she only want to be friends?
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