Why does it seem like other girls don't like me?

I don't get it...I'm told I have a lovely personality. It gets me upset cause I know I've don't nothing wrong. I open up to them but they give me forced answers. Its like they have to answer me.. *sigh*. thanks for your help.

in real life*


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  • They might be jealous and do the worst things by trying to ostracise you and making you think something is wrong with you when there clearly isn't. It's one of those things where you can't please anybody :-(

    • Thats what I thought thanks for reasuring me. <3

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  • I'm 16 and I have had this problem my whole life I got one best friend in real life she is a gal but all my other friends or people I hang out or talk much to are guys but online through Skype and online RPGS I talk too a lot of both guys and gals... I have been told by persons in real life that I attract people to me like a magnet but pll have told me that girls see me as a threat I lost one of my guy friends becouse a friend of his girlfriends (we were in the same athletics team) saw me as a threat.

    I think they just see you as a threat too or feel inferior to you, I don't know why they answer you like that it might just be that they can't keep there feelings in check but think it would be uncivilised or impolite not to answer

    many of them do this without realizing but I hope it gets better for you

    • thanks girlfriend

    • this helped SOOOOOOOOO much

  • ok their is this old saying= (((as muche as you get critcisized as more you worth ))) so you must have or do something right so keep it up and don't care about theme good luck