The guy I like says I am smothering him?

I met this guy in a rp chat room and we hit it off great. Unlike me he is very shy at times towards me and I need to give him that push or nag him. And example was I was going away and wanted his cellphone number to text him a little pushing and he gave it up. We have a great friendship and talk all the time. But like I said he is shy towards me for some reason. But last night he said I was smothering him because we talk all the time, yet he can talk to one of his other friends all the time. I know for a fact he had a really dark past that put him in the hospital (ex took advantage of him) and he is scared easy of a lot of things. He claims he likes me but I get a vibe he does not..(might be me had a bad guy problem right be for I met him) I really don't wanna smother him cause I don't wanna lose him. We even talk on webcam sometimes...please help me.

(PS we will be friends for a year in the fall. I got his number in Jan)


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  • He said he feels smothered, so he wants you to back off a bit. You may know him pretty well by now, and you may be right that he is shy/damaged from his ex/etc, but none of that is an invitation for you to push him to do what you say. I don't know anything about him, of course, but nothing you've said here makes me think he's a "bad guy" or that he doesn't like you... I just think he's telling you, clearly and directly, that he doesn't want to talk/chat as often as you do now and he doesn't want to feel pressured anymore. If you like him and want him to like you, it's probably best to respect that. Or you could just say 'screw it' and find someone else who wants the same thing as you.


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