How is the best way to ask a girl that already is your best friend out?

i have been hanging out with her for four years and I've finally worked up the courage to ask her out today. we are going to a movie and I figure I'll ask her when I drop her off at home. please give me some good tips.


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    You invested 4 years into a friendship. Are you willing to throw it all away? If she doesn't like you, the friendship (as it is now) is over. If you two hook up but it doesn't work out, the friendship is over. At best, you might gain a girlfriend, but is it worth the loss of a long-time friend? You might have a different type of relationship that is also desirable, but the friendship will be over. Sex will change things, if it even gets that far. Anyways, just give it some serious thought.

    • I have. I have been thinking of this for a year. so I know what I'm risking.

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    • A friendship is an investment. Asking her out is a risk for the possibility of something he might find more desirable. Actions based on feelings are a choice, not a god that controls your destiny (without your consciousness).

      It's an important decision. I'm not forcing him to do anything, only to carefully consider the possible consequences before making his own choice. Do you think it would be better for me, instead, to convince him to do what *I* would do?

    • Well I did ask her and she said she doesn't see our relationship going any further. but she said we are going to still be best friends so I didn't lose her and you never know in time she might come around. thanx for all ur guys help. I really appreciate it.

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  • Make sure you express all of your feelings to her. Girls love to hear why you like them so much it'll just make her heart flutter.

    • I can only see this backfire...Girls will not love you because you tell them you love them.

      You need to create attraction.

    • Considering he asked her out and she says yes shows she must have some interest

      unless she doesn't know its a date . I think you should build on it

  • If you are going to a movie then how are you going to ask her out, I mean you guys are out... What does ASK OUT mean?

  • tell her how you feel, ask her if she feels the same way, and go out! good luck!


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  • I am going through the same situation granted I haven't been friends with the girl as long. In my case I decided to tell her I liked her and tried to just be honest about how I felt. It has blown up in my face. Yet I would do it again, I would rather take a chance and fail the be a coward. Also in regards to what easyec says, I would say that yes there is a lot to lose but there is so much more to gain than just a girlfriend.

  • all you gotta do is say "i like you" no games, no beating around the bush, nothing.. that's all it takes, if she likes you back then there ya go

    personally though, 4 years of a friendship, that doesn't seem wise to me