Could a guy still like you even though he has a girlfriend?

In short, this guy and I had "something going on" for about 6 months. We only ever managed to cuddle, and I always sleep in his bed (no touching). I'm 100% sure he like-liked me during that time. But people kept bugging me about him and I being a couple, which confused me a lot, since I had no idea how I felt about him at that time. So, I distanced myself from him eventually, and we didn't talk for one month.

After that one month had passed we started talking again, not as often as we used to, but still quite a lot. He kept asking me out to go places with him, play games with him and he even hinted several times that he felt something special for me. We've become so close, texts each other everyday and I'm pretty certain that I like him now.

But now, just yesterday we were out drinking together, just me and some of his male friends, and we suddenly played "truth or dare" where he was asked the question: "Do you have a girlfriend". He said "Yes"... That kinda shocked me... But anyway, I do know the girl, so I should've seen it coming.

Some time after that, I jokingly told his friend that I had fallen in love with a guy yesterday. My friend was eaves-dropping, and he had this very serious and disappointed face. I said I had fallen in love with this guy, because he had this green cap with the Triforce-logo on. My friend immediately interrupted out conversation after that and said: "Instead of just printing this logo on my shirt for you, I can hear that I should've printed the Triforce."

Just after he confessed to everyone he already had a girlfriend, he just said something that would indicate that he's still trying to get with me. Not only this happened, but later when the two of us decided to leave the party, he described it as "I have something going on with ____" instead of calling her his girlfriend, plus he said: "You are such an unique and special girl. No wonder so many guys like you.".. And when I said goodbye to him in the train, because he had to get off before me, he begged me to come home with him and sleep like we always did, 'cause then he would make "amazing breakfast" for me, so he said.

I'm seriously confused... Even if he said he had a girlfriend, could he still like me?
Could a guy still like you even though he has a girlfriend?
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