My friends and family use to make fun of me but now they say my girlfriend isn't good for me?

My friends and my family have made fun of me since the start of my relationship with me and my soon to be fiance. Claiming I'm whipped and she controls me and blah blah blah. Its far from that my girlfriend knows everything about me and knows how to handle me unlike my friends and family.

Its not that she controls me but more that I allow her to guide me. I have bipolar disorder and by some weird twist of fate I've found a woman who knows how to keep me grounded and in control of it. Without even telling her, she knows when I'm at my high and low moments, and she knows exactly when to catch me before I snap. For anyone on the outside looking in it would seem like she controls me as you'll see me pretty much doing this and that for her, and that's simply due to the fact that she does so much for me and me knowing her just as well as she knows me. In those high moments(or manic phases) the vibe or environment around me can alter my mood like flipping a light switch.

And that's what brings us to last night

I've been on this "manic" buzz since her family and some of my family showed up earlier this week, and last night a few family members from both sides of our families went out with a group of our friends to this bar a couple block over. Things were awesome everyone was getting along, until this group of guys started talking s***. At first it was fun and games, a few jokes a couple of backhanded insults nothing big. Until one of the guys started hitting on my girlfriend telling her how she's sexy and blah blah. So I just stepped in between the two of them and said "shes already taken bro sorry" and he backed up an said "well f*** you too". I brushed it off, they all walked back over to where they were and the rest of us went back to having a good time. Well a little while later by girlfriend went to the bathroom and I see her coming back and this same guy walks up and blocks her way and keeps trying to talk to her. She tries walking around him and he grabs her arm and jerks her back in front of him, and that set me off. Fortunately for him she saw me coming and stopped me before I got to him. His friends jumped up my girlfriend is pushing me back and the next thing I know a bottle is thrown past my head.

My girlfriend looked at me and shook her head. She knew that this was it. That moment I have always been begging for her to let happen. She looked me in the eyes and said "Just this one time you hear me? This one time. don't lose and make sure he doesn't walk out of here

Four counts of assault I'm facing hahaha

It was almost as if I wasn't inside my own body, it felt so damn good being able to explode like I did. It all happen so fast, so beautifully, and I remember all over it.

Her family can't stop talking about last night they love it but my family its a different story. I've been getting these little secret text all day from family and friends that I need to break up with her. That last night was sick and how she has to much control over me

Everything they're saying is really pissing me off, I'm debating on not even going over to my families house. Should I even go?

Should I just ignore all of it and play like things are fine?

My girlfriend is upset cause she knows something is up with me but I won't tell her this crap. It'll only cause more trouble


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  • Who cares if people say you're whipped? It sounds like your family just doesn't like her. If you like her, and she makes you happy, then stay with her. If you feel she understands you better than anyone else, that's the most important thing. At the end of the day finding someone who you love, and loves you back doesn't come around very often.


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  • There is an element of dominance and submission that exists in every relationship. If you're happy with the level of it and it doesn't interfere with your lifestyle then stay with it.

    Just because the girl is not the one who is being submissive doesn't mean that your "manhood" is at stake. Gender roles have been diminishing over the years as it is. We got male nurses and all that stuff now.

    Just stay away from those kinds of bars. Things like that are nothing but trouble. Personally, I barely go to bars because of that nonsense.