I called her confusing, she didn't respond to it? Thoughts?

Long story short is I got rejected by a girl in the past because she likes another guy, however me and her got talking again and got to be really close friends(not always a bad thing). Honestly from my perspective she is throwing signs of "just friends" AND "maybe more" and yes she DEF KNOWS I'm interested. Here's our txting convo and we're both in HS btw

(The texts before this were about the idea of us meeting up to talk, but she couldn't make it, so we're gonna discuss it at school tomorrow)

Me: (bla bla bla) and all I'm gonna say is you're really confusing

Her: (bla bla bla) and is that it?

Me: (bla bla bla) and if there's anything you wanna confess, you can text it now or tell me tomorrow when we talk

Her: Nothing comes to mind, what about you?

Me: Other then the fact you're a bit confusing, that's it

Her: (No reply back, not sure if I should text and talk about something else or leave it)

The fact she didn't clear anything up... says she's either thinking about the situation herself right? Otherwise would have she have said something like "Whats there to be confused about? We're just friends" or something similar? And yes I'm an optimist, but I still have my doubts and that's why I'm here asking this question lol.

FYI: The talk we're gonna have tomorrow is me asking her where we stand and if she wants to be more then friends(yeah, cute I know :3 LOL)

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  • from your personal point of view what is more important is her liking you not you liking her.

    if you insist too much on showing that you are interested although you say she knows she might not have any interest.

    you either do something crazy and go all in or not do anything. don't keep sending small hints.

    I can't explain really why but in the past I stopped wanted to be with a girl only because she was over stating the fact that she was interested. you can call me stupid or think of it anything, it doesn't make it any less true. And it is the same for most people. follow the advice of Beetledove.

    GO to BED. and Have fun tomorrow in your discussion :D.

    • i'm sorry what you wrote was a bit confusing (harhar).

      Yes I do plan on going all out tomorrow by basically asking her where me and her stand...and I do believe she's interested... I mean she would ask what's wrong right? I don't know LOL

      and yes I'm going to bed soon :p

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    • So I haven't said that she is not interested.

      I am saying, she might start losing interest. If you are too passive. Procrastinating too long won't help your cause, from my personal experience, you could either make a move with the risk of failing but still tried or look away and see if there isn't another girl that could help you get the extra attention you need.

      We always want what we cannot have.

    • Here's that "discussion" we had the next day. I do believe she is keeping me as a friend because of this other guy based off her second response, have a lookie and respond there :D


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  • Girls hate when you call the m confusing...

    • I can imagine... but it lets her know again that I still like her, and the fact she didn't clarify anything can either be seen as a sign of interest or neutral

    • She's not interested if she doesn't text you back. Ah, don't text her... just wait and like see dude.

    • She just texted back "Sorry fell asleep" LOL.

      Should I change topic, or keep this above conversation going?

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  • are you like 14 years old or something ?

    • Yes.

    • listen dude she seems to like but she just confused herself. Talk to her and see where it leads too.