How do I know if we are together?

i'm in high school and I've been somewhat friends with ths girl for about 2 years now. I've always known there could be something there, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to make a move. I went to dinner with her and her friends, than to movie, then I asked her to lunch where we spent 3 hours talking. I've picked her up on all these events and her mom and friends know about me. I'm quite sure we are not in the friend zone.

I don't know if we should go on more dates before we start thinking about having a relationship or I should adress it to her, or ask one of her friends what is direction she wants to go in. Maybe she thinks I have to kiss her before she considers us togther. I don't know, what approach should I take.


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  • I would recommend talking to her about this before you do anything. She might be asking the same questions herself and just letting it out in the open will allow for both of you to express yourselves to one another.

  • Why not just say "hey wanna be my girlfriend?"


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