Paranoid friend. What to do?

So my girlfriend, lets call her Katie, is not exactly average. The only thing about her that is average, would be her height. She's got big eyes and a double eyelid, full lips and a straight nose. I swear she looks mix. Here's the catch. She's the most unconfident girl I've met. She hates her legs. Thinks her tummy is fat and doesn't like her body. But she is just paranoid.

Anyone have some advice for her?


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  • I think the best way you can help her is remind her constantly she is beautiful. Nicknames like gorgeous or sexy can almost burn in her mind the idea that someone believes she is beautiful. Aside from that if she starts talking about the negatives tell her what you see, specific features that you think are beautiful. Then remind that everyone has imperfections and there are only two things we can do about them. Accept them as imperfect or try to work on them in healthy, but either way you/she have/has to learn to love yourself/herself

    my girlfriend is stunningly beautiful, curvy, with beautiful smile, eyes, hair, etc. She see similar things you mentioned as being problem. She hates her stomach and her thighs. I just consistently (like multiple times a day) just casually say things like, "you're beautiful" or call her by one of my pet names for her "gorgeous". It does seem like in the near two years we've been together that she has grown in confidence in herself or at least come to accept some of her "imperfections"

  • I think she just need to be more confident of herself. It's her body, and she should accept all its flaws, and improve it from there. If she always worries about her physical appearance, changes would be impossible. Most people doesn't like their physical appearance, however they work hard to get their desired shape.


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