I like my female best friend, but she just got out of a bad relationship and doesn't want a new boyfriend

We hang out all the time just the two of us, play video games, watch tv, spend hours talking late into the night, text about random things going on in our lives. During one of our late night talks she went on saying how she doesn't want to get into another relationship cause she doesn't feel she can trust anyone anymore (yet she trusts me with everything). She has also said she just wants close friends and one will probably become more then a friend. We have the same views on religion, how relationships should work, and how people should treat others, etc. You know, the important stuff. She is definitely everything I want in a woman, but I don't know if I'm what she wants in a guy. At times the things she says makes me think she likes me, but I don't know. When she thinks I'm texting a girl she asks who I'm texting. One time she said how she thought this one actor was cute and I said, "I know, you've said that before," all bitter. I didn't mean to sound like that, it just came out. She replied with, "I like how you said, "I know you've said that before."" It's been going good cause I've been treating her super nice and just being a great friend because I know that's what she needs right now. I accidentally told one of her friends how I like her, and her friend went on to say how much she talks about me because I'm one of her best friends and very import to her. However she has never told our mutual friend that she likes me as more than a friend, in fact she thought I liked one of her other friends. The other night I got way to drunk at her place with a mutual guy friend of ours that also likes her. She will not tell either of us what we all said while we were drunk and neither of us remember. All she said to me is that I do not want to know what I said, and it's been kinda awkward. I'm worried I said something I shouldn't have and messed things up. It's been a couple days and it's getting less awkward cause I'm trying to be just a friend right now, but she isn't texting me all the time like usual. I don't know what to do because I think I love her, but shouldn't. She's one of my best friends and has even dated two of my close friends. Its just crazy because I have never felt this way before, we connect on so many levels.am I doing the right thing by just being her best friend and not being up front. Should I just wait till she knows how she really feels, I don't want to be a rebound, or ruin our friendship. Does anyone think she likes me the same way and just wants to take her time, or am I wrong and only a friend. Any other advise or views on this or things I haven't really covered would be appreciated. I will wait as long as I have to for this women. I do flirt with other girls sometimes to keep her off my mind, but it's pointless cause I feel nothing for these other girls. Oh, were both 21.
I like my female best friend, but she just got out of a bad relationship and doesn't want a new boyfriend
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