How does a guy react when he sees that a girl/(crush) has a boyfriend?

So here's the deal.

I have a boyfriend and I love him very much. Unfortunately the last few months have been nothing but troubles and us trying to solve our relationship..

There's also an external factor, called my classmate. For some reason I really like this boy (must be physical attraction or w/e). My boyfriend found out about this and he was willing to give me a second chance - if I could forget about the other guy. So I did, in combination with ignoring my classmate and it worked.. for a while. I have no clue whether he actually likes me or not but I do know I like him, which is horrible since I have an amazing boyfriend.

And it gets worse. A few days ago my boyfriend and I walked down the hallway when I saw my classmate coming our way.. I just said 'hi' but he hardly reacted (with an annoyed face) while he's usually so friendly and always starts a conversation with me.. When he was gone, my boyfriend started joking 'aah, found yourself a new flirt hm?' Why the f*** would he say that? Did he see that I like him (or the other way around). (He didn't know that that boy was the one I like(d) ).

But yea, back to my question: how would you react if you see that a girl - which happens to be one you like, a lot- has a boyfriend? Would you ignore her? Would you even consider becoming friends with her? Or go out to drink some coffee (as friend, just a random invitation)?
How does a guy react when he sees that a girl/(crush) has a boyfriend?
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