Not sure if my guy friend likes me?

Ok so I work with this guy and I usually see him about once a week (we work on checkouts at a supermarket) we have been pretty good friends for about 2 years.. I have liked him for about a year and a half of this but was pretty certain he didn't like me back... However lately things seem to be changing.. lately we have been talking a lot on Facebook and as always he is super friendly and teases me a bit...which he has always done. But I invited him to my birthday this year as well as bunch of my other co workers, whom he is good friends..even best friends with one of them (which I will get too him later) anyway for my birthday we were going to the movies and out to dinner. Her asked me about a week before if he could sit next to me when we went cause he didn't want it to be awkward? I said that it was fine. When it got to my birthday, we ended up sitting across from each other at the restaurant and sharing food, but when we got to the movies he asked if I would still sit next to him. So we did, and the whole night we were kinda leaning on each other And he offered me his jacket when I said I was cold..but I declined. The next night we went to see a movie just by ourselves (this was organised a while before cause no one would go see this movie with me) and we started off leaning on each other to begin with, then he linked our arms, and for the last 45 minutes he interlocked our hands... Of course I had no problems with this and let him. But when we left he didn't take my hand again, and the ride home was just as though we were friends... Then for the week after we spoke everyday for hours on Facebook while we were at uni and said I would stop cause I felt like I was bothering him and he said that it was fine that he didn't mind... And the next day he asked if I wanted to get sushi with him sometime next week (he said he would for my birthday) so I don't know if I'm reading too much into this or not? Also his best friend hada huge very public crush on me a while ago for about 2 will this affect anything? Oh ans another thing I forgot to mention was I was freezing on the 2nd movie night he even commented on it a few times and said it right before he held my hand... Info about him:he isn't a player, he has never had a girlfriend before.. and we are both 19. Thanks in advance :)
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Just an update :) he admitted that he liked me, and I told him I felt the same way :) life is now good!
Not sure if my guy friend likes me?
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