Why does my husband always fly off the handle?

i work nights and spend very little time with my husband, but when I call to converse with him he flys off the handle and starts snapping at me. why?


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  • My guess is that there are a sizable amount of unresolved disputes with you over time.

    • Dont get me wrong, we're good.we just came off mini vacation and had a great time sometimes he acts like he has to be short with me to prove something. he goes up and down

    • Another possibility is he lacks an outlet to vent stress and you get it. If this is the case, you'll probably need to talk to him as if he were one of your girl friends that had a tough week and needs to share it.

      If he needs to "prove" something to you, perhaps something has threatened his "manliness" and he tries to regain it by making you submissive (and him dominant by comparison). In this case, he would need your support in getting through the original stressor(s).

    • The general solution is to get him to express what's on his mind. If he is unable to verbalize it, help him out with it with yes/no questions. "Is it about past arguments?" "Is it about work?" etc.

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  • it sounds like he could use some self-control and respect for you. are there other stesses involved, like children? no time to talk before you go to work?

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