On off non-exclusive relationship, what to do ?

i'm in on off relationship.

well we are not exclusively dating, but we've been going out for about 6 months and during that period of time, we've been on and off.

first of all I can't tell what kind of relationship is this, but we are seeing each other for months and spend most of our times together, we are texting each other and he drives me home and stuff.

but we are apparently not dating because he said he just want to be friend, a sincere friend who acts like boyfriend and girlfriend.

i don't want to be on the hooked, so I started to move on from him.

but it didn't last too long.

because the moment after I try to pull my self from him, he always find a way to drag me back.

and then we are started going out again, and after that I realize that was wrong and I'm moving on again and then crawling back to him again.

like it's really hard for me to cut him off out of my life, because we are in the same department.

and then I decide that we should be just pure friend and he agreed so no more good morning text, no more driving me home and no more romantical stuff, just a regular friend.

But it doesn't feel good to me to being just regular friend cause I don't get the 'special treatment' from him but we still going out as friend and still spending time together.

why does everything seems so wrong

what do I do ?

and what am I supposed to do then ?


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  • Maybe you feel its wrong cause society teached you to feel its wrong. Investigate about poliamory, theirs way of thinking etc.

    At least he seems honest. Having a casual relationship doesn't mean "using you" as long as he treats you right and behave like a friend, shows affection, not necesary boyfriend affection, but friend' s affection.

    If he just have sex with you and that is all, then you probably are being used, but if he have any true empathy for you then its fine.

    Then there is a second detail, if your emotions hurt, if you are more attached to him than him to you, cut the phisical intimacy inmediatly so your hormones calm down, return to just friendship. If you cannot handle a casual relationship don't do it.


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  • Move on, he is bad for you

  • he's using you. he only sees you as an option. move on.

  • You've left out a vital detail. Are you sleeping with him?

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