Why would an ex defriend me on fb 8 months later when it didn't end badly?

I feel like this just got kind of awkward. We broke up in November, met up again in January for one last goodbye. Our personalities just didn't mesh. We were in a serious relationship for 7 ish weeks, but we realized we couldn't see ourselves marrying so it wasn't worth our time to make it last longer.

I was willing to give things a little more time, but he wasn't. We just didn't quite get each others' jokes/personality which is really important. We moved way too fast in general. I think, if we had done it right, it might have worked. We were just both really excited because we found people who wanted so many of the same things in life, had so many of the same interests... Basically it just appeared like it was meant to be... and then it wasn't.

We ended on a good note. We said our goodbyes and he gave me a hug. I said I didn't want to become one of those ex couples who defriends each other and never speaks. He said friends wouldn't work, but that he wouldn't defriend me. Awkward. Now all of his friends are still friends with me and he's not.

I wonder what made him wait til now to de-friend me. I'm not officially in a relationship on fb, but I have a new-ish boyfriend. Maybe he saw pictures and got sad? idk. Or maybe he genuinely just didn't want to be friends? Idk, I never saw the harm in staying actual friends in the first place. When we broke up, he said I was his "almost the one." Maybe seeing me with a guy was that bothersome? I just wonder what compelled him to do that.

Then again, he was kind of a jerk after the break up. We'd run into each other and he'd never say hi. I was trying to respect his no contact rule, but sheesh, why be so intense when it didn't even end badly? We'd literally be in the same room or walk right by each other and he'd either stare at me (in the same room) or look at the ground (when we were walking by each other).

Idk, any insight on that one? I mean, I guess it doesn't matter in the long run... idk, he's still friends with the girl who cheated on him and they dated for 2 years. I'm still friends with all of my ex's on fb. I could talk to them if I wanted to, but maybe that's a special case? I'm not really sure :/. He was the nicest guy I ever dated, but probably the biggest jerk after a break up. I feel like most people check on their former s/o to see how they're doing... he never did that.
Why would an ex defriend me on fb 8 months later when it didn't end badly?
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