He took me for granted so I ended it - right decision?

I was best friends with this guy for 4 years (he was always keen on being more than friends). We went out for 7 months and broke up last week. We had an amazing first 3-4 months until he broke his leg... I was 110% there for him and he loved it until the last month where all he did was feel sorry for himself, he didn't get to see his friends much etc I do understand why he was upset!

But he blamed me... because he never felt like this before we were going out so he started to resent me and take me for granted (I did all I could for him).

So after many attempts of trying to discuss it I called him last weekend and ended it only to hear "yeah I didn't think the relationship was progressing" - basically he was not upset. He gets off his crutches in 6 weeks (note: he is a shy person who doesn't talk about his emotions often). I'm hoping this will be a reality check for him as he took me for granted. I'm having doubts about my decision because I do miss him when I saw him a couple days ago he was touchy and friendly like nothing had changed and was surprised when I did not reciprocate the affection.

Did I make the right decision based on the circumstances? Has anyone had any success getting back with someone who took them for granted? & if his a proud person will he contact me?

He took me for granted so I ended it - right decision?
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