Do the ugly girls ever get the hot boys for a bf?

I am not the prettiest girl in the world I am kind of fat not really I'm like 165lbs but any way is it possible I will get a boyfriend does the ugly girl ever get a hot boyfriend I have great personality I don't have to many friends but the friends I do have we are really close and they all look up to me


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  • Probably? But its not like your an ugly guy they have it worse. I know I am one, trust me you'll get a Boyfriend before my ugly mug will ever get a Girlfriend and I noticed your under 18? So you'll have plenty of opportunities to get a BF.

    • Thanks and you will get a girlfriend sometime don be hard on yourself you seem cool so ya again thanks for the advise

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    • I've been on the heavy side my whole life, but I always see more overweight single men then women?.

    • Idk why but like I have said more then once looks don't make the person the personality makes the person

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  • Why not get an ugly boyfriend? If fat is your problem, you can do something about that. It's not like other girls who can't help what they're face looks like. You're asking for a hot boyfriend, why should he not be with a hot girlfriend?

    I workout 5+ days a week for my physique and I don't have time for a girl who just pities herself all day. So many guys have to put up with whiney girls who complain about being fat but I know if their boyfriends told them to go lose the weight they'd never hear the end of it.

    Want a hot boyfriend, go get a hot physique. Don't be like all the other fat girls who message my online dating profile just to be ignored.

  • Its a big world, anything can happen occasionally.

    But the odds are massively stacked against you.

    Being an awesome person with a great personality does not attract men to women or vice versa. A great personality makes people want to stay with someone they're already attracted to.

  • It is possible. Give him something he wants in a girlfriend and you can get a boy who give you what you want in a boyfriend. If you don't mind waiting it can happen.

  • It is the same for ugly guys and ugly girls. You need to be able to bring something else to the table. At your age looks are going to be just about all guys care about. Later in life there are other things guys start to look for. Like wanting a girl without a bunch of kids, or that has a lot of money, or that would make a great mother to his kids.

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    That's your lead, haha. Women can't fix their face completely, if you're not born with a great one, but you've got an easier job than men--we need to burn fat and build muscle. Girls can lack the model face (genetics only favor some, I know) but if you work out, get slim and dress well... it will do miracles.

    No offense, but I'm pretty sure 165 pounds is fat for most girls. Granted, you might have a muscular build, or be tall, but if you're average height... yeah, that's fat. I mean, I'm 5'10" and 170 pounds, I can bicep curls with 35lb dumbbells, and I'd still like to remove another inch or two off my waist before I would feel cocky naked. And you're just 5 pounds lighter, so...

    And speaking as a guy that has gotten told maybe 25 times how much he looks like a certain "sexiest man alive" actor (arrogant of me to say, but they that's what they tell me.)... no. If you want a hot boyfriend, you are going to need to be attractive. Girls are attracted to LAMPS in guys.






    We guys are attracted to a woman by one thing: good looks. Slim, nice boobs, long hair, a good face. Looks attract us, and personality makes us decide if we like you or not.

    Burn that fat, and get in shape, dress attractively, and make sure you signal your interest to guys you find hot. Hot guys go for hot girls--because they can. Hot guys are confident enough that they won't go for a less attractive woman, simply because they don't need to. Sorry, but it's the plain fact, and lying to you isn't going to help. What's really pathetic is, even guys who are fat still gripe for slim, attractive women, even if they're lardasses themselves. It's simply our nature.


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  • Yes they could

  • you are young.

    you acknowledged your insecurity now work on it.

    you can get guys, but it will not be the type you want.

    hot guys have options.

    put time and energy to work on yourself, the rest will come.

    such as your self image, self esteem and looking better :)

    there are lots of these questions here already.

    enjoy life and put your best foot in your health.