I am sick of being DITCHED! Advice?

(Be for any of you say ditch her as a friend please understand it won't be easy for any her or me since we share the same small group of friends)

I never was the type of girl who loved to party. I was more of the quite type who just enjoyed going out with friends for coffee or to a movie. I was never the type to go clubbing or to a wild house party dressed in silly little outfits. However my friend for 11 years loves to party because then she can meet guys. Now normally I have no problem if she calls me telling me she got invited to a party, and can't chill that night however she LIES to me about going. She began to ditch me more after I made my own circle of friends at my job, and because I almost never include her because of the way she acts. Its embarrassing when I do bring her with me to see her throwing herself at the guy I like (when she knows I like him) or any other guy in the room. She talks loud, gets really wild, and says immature sh*t causing people to laugh at her. I was told by my best friend not to include her anymore because is embarrassing how she acts in the bar. So I exclude her when I do go out with my work friends twice a month...big deal. But the problem is now she is becoming jealous mostly because she is so desperate for love, and has begun ditching me like everyday to hang out with other people (outside our shared group of friends in our home town) because she ALWAYS has to be better then me. She even like smiles when she hears me say I had a rough day because I had a small fight with my best friend or the guy I like. I don't care she ditches me, what I do care about she lies to me then tells me two days later about it. You don't have to include me but when I make plans with you to do something on a Saturday, I except you to honer your plans or tell me the truth, and ask to meet me at a diner for an hour or a park or a coffee shop on Sunday. Not to freaking lie to me every single time just because your jealous...I never lie to her...if I have booked plans I honer them the best I can unless a family issue comes up. How do I deal with this? I can't just get rid of her because I am an adult, and we share the same friends in my home town however I don't know how to handle this because its getting real annoying that she ditches me all the time. It has been the 15th time this month already.


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  • Well she sounds completely immature ,if you can't ditch her you should just ignore her or first speak to her and tell her how you honestly feel but she really sounds so annoying and immature I don't know how you can deal with someone like that because I think she won't listen to you ,if you can't completely ditch her at least stop speaking to her and ignore her she seems like she is causing you so mud trouble and honestly I don't know what kind of reins acts that way ,she sounds like a frenzy and she is poisoning you with the way she acts and her jealousy I feel you I been there and I ditch that person be cause no good with come from someone who acts that way besides make your life miserable. Whatever you decide good luck I hope this issue gets resolved. :)

  • Well if you're not gonna ditch her then idk. She's not gonna change. She's a hater and doesn't really like you. You're supposed to cut squares out your circle but if you wanna keep her in your circle knowing her behavior, there really isn't much you can do. Keep excluding her and hang out with her less and less