Do you think it is fair for a man to ditch females friends because of new girlfriend?

I have a friend I hardly talk to anymore 'cause over the last 7 years, he stops talking to me when he gets a new girlfriend.We've been friends 13 years (since middle school) and in High school we became best friends that would make out in between classes but we never were in a relationship. After high school for a few years, we got sexual from time to time but for the most part, we have kept things... simple. Mainly, we'd go to the occasional party but as we got older, the most we'd do is cuddle because I'm not attracted to him anymore.

But my issue is that every time he gets a girlfriend, not only will he not hang out with me in fear of them getting upset, but he will stand me up at the last minute never to be heard of again. We don't talk often these days but I called 3 weeks ago and was like "what's up dude" and we made plans to smoke a little pot that day but when I asked if we could kick it at his house instead of mine, he said "my girlfriend probably wouldn't like that". He said he'd call after his nap and I didn't hear from him til just last night when he texted "Hey". I can't tell you how many times this has happened. He literally only talks to me when he's single.

I got really pissed off last year over a situation where our mutual high school friend and I made plans with him and he said "yea let me call you right back and you guys can come over". So, as we're sitting at someones house waiting for a call, we headed to my house hoping to get a call on the way. But of course, I didn't hear from him til months later. Eventually he said he didn't think it was a big deal but he was sorry.

We are in our mid twenties now. I want quality friends in my life who care about me and don't do things like this because it's really pretty childish. I'm just beyond offended by it all.

I personally think a man should tell his girlfriends "look, I have female friends so you need to accept that". Is that acceptable? And how would you personally handle being in this predicament?

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Just to make it clear, after we would party and I would crash at his house and we slept in the same bed, he was the one who did the cuddling. So it was clear I wasn't interested in leading him on.
Do you think it is fair for a man to ditch females friends because of new girlfriend?
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