Will he feel bad about not meeting my family?

I have a boyfriend and he's introduced me to both parents, not any extended conversations just a standard introduction. While hanging out at his house, his brother stopped by so I met him too.

But he hasn't met any of my family. I do see us being together for a long time but I haven't introduced him to my mom and sister (my only family living in town). I live with my mom so he knows she's always home but I never invite him in.. Is meeting the family a big deal for guys? Would it bother you if you were in his shoes? I'd prefer they don't meet for selfish reasons and because my mom and sister are SO nosey and love to judge and poke their nose in relationships but I'd introduce him if it became a problem. He has made small comments like, 'i wonder if you act like your mom. I guess ill find out if I ever get to meet her..' And things like that. What are your opinions?
Will he feel bad about not meeting my family?
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