Why was I deleted on FB and unfollowed on Instagram?

I've known my best friend's ex boyfriend for almost 3 years. They dated for 11 months... were on and off for 15 months... and dated for 8 months again. These past 8 months, the boyfriend and I became great friends; he even tried setting me up with his brother. The three of us would hang out together, they would spend the night at my house, and he even told me every time I saw him, "I love you." He's gay and I'm straight, by the way. Both my friends who've met him and hung out with him said he talked about me all the time and my friend who he dated even said, "He loved you!"

5 weeks after my best friend dumped him, he deleted me and his ex (my best friend) off Facebook and unfollowed us from instagram. Usually, social media stuff doesn't phase me because I rarely post things, but I care about him and it upsets me that he purposely went out of his way to delete me. He didn't delete his ex's mom, sisters, sister-in-law, coworkers, or any other close friends. He only deleted me. Two days before he deleted me, my friend (his ex) posted a FB status that we bought tickets to go on a trip. Maybe that upset him?

I ran into him at a bar a few days after this happened and he seemed shocked to see me and shocked that I was so warm and friendly to him. I was with a large group of friends, but when he saw I was alone, he approached me and we started making small talk w/o mentioning his ex. I told him I want to move when my rent is up in a few months and he said, "Not from Seattle!" I said, "I never see you anyways!", to which he smiled. I then gave him another big hug and told him I love him and I care about him. He said the same back.

All night at the bar, he kept making a point to make me laugh and called me, "adorable." He also bought me two drinks. As I mentioned before, he's gay, so there's no motive with me, a straight girl.

I understand if he deleted me to get over his ex, my best friend. But then why didn't he delete his ex's family members or other friends who tag him in status updates and pics way more than me? Is it because I'm "the best friend" or because we were close and I'm a reminder of his ex? Or what? I care about him and I want to remain on good terms with him, I'm just not sure what went wrong?

If you have any ideas or input, I would greatly appreciate any perspectives.

Why was I deleted on FB and unfollowed on Instagram?
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