Are outie belly buttons that bad?

I wanted my belly button pierced, but I have a small outie, so I searched up how that would look like and it wasn't so...nice.
I went from one thing to another and ended up crying because of all the negative comments on my belly button
What do you guys think?


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  • Everyone was made with their "differences", if you want to call them that. While some of the more pronounced ones may not be quite as attractive to me, I'll be dam*** if it would stop me from loving someone, hell no. Don't feel bad about it, its just something that happens, and there's nothing in the world you could have done about it and the people who you should be trying to attract will know this :)
    Hope I helped


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  • SO your belly button is a bit prominent? I had that, till i was about 19 ish then for some reason is started to go inside and now looks normal. Don't know why though, as i haven't changed much as far as weight goes.

  • Yeah but not as nasty as an outie vag.


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  • I have never really thought about it to be honest. I have an innie, I always figured a belly button is a belly button.

  • Could be a Hernia, get it checked by our doctor

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