Was the boat trip woman attracted to me?

When I was going on a boat trip today (21 June 2009) I was in the queue for the boat and when I got on, there was a woman in her mid 30's who got on with her small daughter and husband (who she didn't seem to look pleased to be with and vice versa) and as I got on she sat a few seats away from me.

During the trip over, I caught her glancing at me and I did to her too. Then after we came back and waiting to get on boat at other end, she was in front of me in the queue and as I was walking to join the queue from a few yards away I caught her glancing at me deeply for a time, then when I was in the queue she looked again and I said something that she found amusing and she laughed and smiled at me.

I was just wondering if she was attracted to me?


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  • From you how perceive her to look at you and her reaction to you, it does show that she was interested.

    But then again it really depends on the person. To her it might just be a normal way of interacting with people but to you it is something more.

    Last week, the woman at the postoffice was having a bad day. I told her "I bet you have a nice smile if you smiled more." She smiled and I went off my way. To me that is just normal, not flirting or whatnot. Maybe she also thought I was interested in her.

    My point is, the only way for you to find out was to actually go further and tried to find a way to further interact with her.


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