Senior picture clothing help and ideas?

I'm allowed 4 outfits (quick changes don't count). I have a pink sun dress that I want to wear, a flowy floral top and pink/red shorts, a cream lace dress, and then, something more country-oriented to do with my horses. I originally wanted to do a show shirt with my Arab and then maybe just plaid with my Mini, but I've run out on outfits, so probably just do nice plaid and sparkly belt with both. I also wanted to incorporate an outfit that shows off my hourglass figure (the dresses might a little) and something white because it's tradition, shows purity and femininity, etc. I'm over my limit! Any advice? How to maybe merge some of these, what to cut, things I haven't thought of altogether that'd be nice? Thanks!


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  • I took my senior pictures with my horse too. I just had my riding jeans, cowboy boots, and a zipup hoodie - and my horse, of course.

    I'd avoid the flowery top - when I had mine done the photographer said she didn't like the intense patterns because it drew attention from the person. She wanted to stick with subtle patterns and solid colors.


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