Do I have a good body yes or no comment down?

Do I have a good body? Or do I look like I'm trying to hard? Pose?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes. If you like dressing like that and having a push up bra to show your big breasts then go for it. You obviously like getting attention.

    • Do I look good or no?

    • I put a comment in your other post. Your body is perfect, sensational. Your thighs and ass, wow. Is this a new look for you? I prefer girls who dress more conservatively and don't try so hard.

    • I model

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. It is not perfect but I am comfortable with it

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    • I don't get u

    • Good god I misread your post sorry. I thought you meant if I feel comfortable with my own body.
      As for yours, you look good. How do you feel about it?

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