What style of these shorts do you wear or like?

Want to see what you guys wear and what you girls thinks looks good. Explain as well :) anf.scene7.com/.../hol-spr14-category-d-shorts
  • chill fit
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  • prep fit
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  • classic fit
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  • cargo
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  • longer than these
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think I like Cargo the best. It'll suit almost any body type.

    There are some guys who the Prep look might suit, but it's very rare.

    • A guy with defined legs for the prep look?

    • Defined legs maybe but the rest of the body matters too or he'd look out of proportion. Maybe someone tall and lean with a well-defined body. But not too buff or anything.

    • Hmm I may fit into that.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I still wear a lot of cargo shorts, but my newest pair is from Hollister in the classic fit. I also wear basketball shorts when I'm working out or just want to chill and let my nuts hang.


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