I really hate how my face looks!

I am very disappointed about my appearance and my face... i looks very ugly, brown eyes and big nose. I just hate how I looks.

What would you do if u were like thise?


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  • I have brown eyes and a big nose lol I think my profile is horrrible.. but hey, that's something you have to learn to accept about yourself. Love it. Embrace it. Or u can go the different route and change it through surgery which i wouldn't recommend personally.. ain't nobody got time for that lol

    • I also do not support the idea of ​​the surgery, I feel that no one likes to stay with me and everyone is making fun of me thats why i stayed at home and every time my classmates looks at me they start laughing together, the only thing that make everyone have slightly arespect for me is that i know a lot about technical things and knows about it more than anybody in the school and neighbor hood ( I do not mean to arrogance) sorry for that long reply and my bag English coz iam not an English , plus thanks for your opinion

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  • I get you bro. I don't like the way my face is either but I just like to think I make up for it with my high cheek-bones and eyes that change color with with the light. Other than that I have annoying wavy hair that can't get too long and a huge nose too.

    • thanks man! By that descrubtion it seem u r pretty good and handsome. ;-)

    • Eh, they're the only redeeming qualities. Everything else doesn't exactly make the girls crazy for me.

    • Haha.yeah, i got that @-@

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