Does anyone know of a brand of women's jeans with decent pockets?

I've found that it tends to be incredibly difficult to find jeans with pockets in which I can even fit my phone comfortably. So I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a brand of jeans that makes women's jeans with front pockets large enough to fit an iPhone into in such a way that it won't fall out if I so much as move quickly. I would prefer jeans that aren't to expensive, and preferably not skinny jeans. So, anybody know of some?


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  • Tight jeans or loose jeans? I think women jeans with useful front pockets are something I have never seen. Other kinds of female pants, yes. But jeans. Hmm...

    • Just not skinny jeans. Preferably boot cut or some such. And yeah, that's just my problem. I've found some, but not many, and none that I can even fit my hand fully in the pocket.

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    • That's fine. It was just an attempt anyhow, I didn't think I'd have much luck.

    • I have tried my luck with posting questions regarding clothing I can't find anywhere. It's always been a very frustrating and disillusioning experience.

      Good luck though, keep looking. :)

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