I'm having some first date insecurities issues? Need advice, please.?

I'm in my early 20s and I'm going out on my first date with this guy this Saturday. I'm very nervous because we met online on this popular dating site. I'm a little nervous because I don't have ANY dating experience (not from lack of interest, just didn't feel like it) and he's a bit older. I'm afraid that when we meet he's going to be disappointed in me for either the way I look (I have crooked teeth, a stomach pudge, and big nose) or because he's way out of my league (he has a bachelors and I don't). What can I do to calm my nerves? Any tips on what to do on my first date ever?


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  • Well, try to relax and be as natural as you can. You're in luck in that a certain amount of nervousness in a woman is more attractive to a man than nervousness is attractive to women, so you have that going for you. Some guys actually find a little nervousness cute. Try and be funny when you can, either by telling a joke or two or a funny story...and everybody has a funny story to tell. If you feel yourself reaching for something to say and nothing's really coming up, relax and ask him a question or two.

    Did you ask him out or did he ask you out? That's not terribly important, I'm just curious.

    Any rate, you're nervous about your fist date? Welcome to the human race, sweetheart. Have fun!

  • Send him a picture before hand, and you'll know he won't be "disappointed" because he will know what to expect.

    Then stop over thinking things, and just have fun.


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