Should I dye my hair copper red?

My hair is a pretty boring medium brown right now. For reference I'm slender, average height, with pale skin and big blue eyes.

I bought some box dye today and I'm still waffling on going through with it...with my hair colour it would turn out something like this on me:

So do you think I should do it?
So I did it, and it actually turned into this really interesting rich dark brown with all of these different red highlights in the sun. Not at all what I expected but it looks awesome with my skin and eyes!


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  • It depends on your tone (warm or cool) as to whether or not it'll look good... Check this site out to see what I mean:

    It's difficult determining your season, but once you do, it gets so much easier to shop for clothes and makeup as well as choosing a new hair color.

    As for the color itself, I always have a lot of trouble getting red tones out of my hair once I've dyed it. I would only go through with it if you're dying to have that color and are thinking you can pull it off.

    • Hm that's confusing. I'm not sure I completely understand that whole thing but I feel like I definitely lean more towards cool tone. I think I'm probably a Cool/Clear Clear Winter type?
      I did a strand test on my hair with the dye and it turned out to be a lot less orangey-coppery and a lot more auburn-red, so I'm still debating going through with it.

    • I've found that as long as it's a rich auburn, it looks stunning on cool-toned people (especially blue-eyed people). It is really confusing, and there's always exceptions to types so that's why they suggest you do drape tests rather than just relying on eye and hair color alone.

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  • Do it. If you don't like it, you can change the color again. You won't know until you try. I dyed my hair auburn last summer and loved it after a long debate. Go for it.


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