Converse: Hidden or visible wedge?

Hello everyone.

I am having a little problem here. I absolutte love converse but I cannot walk in them my feet hurt because they are too flat. They have now launched some converse with wedges.

The #1 is with a wedge that is hidden a wedge but in #2 you can clearly see the heel. Which one do you find prettiest? So far I like number #1 the most but I am not reay sure. Something about #2 just looks weird.


Thank you in advance :)


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  • If the problem is with them being too flat, you should look into getting insoles. They would probably help (not to mention have benefits for your overall posture)

    And im sorry but those converse are absolutely horrific.

    • Hmm, haven't thought about that I will definitely give that a try :) Thank you.

      I know, they aren't really that pretty but I hoped they could be a bit more comfortable. Haha.

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    • Yeah there's an entire medical field for it -

      I went when I was around 10 because I had issues with my foot having an odd shape and a high arch which caused me to walk oddly, insoles and a small bit of physical therapy sorted it

    • Ah yes, I know about that field but I just thought that this wasn't serious enough to go to a doctor. I thought it had to be a lot more serious, but I will definitely try it. I have nothing to lose :)

      Again thank you very much. Ps. You sound pretty much like a male version of me. (I read your profile)

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  • To me they both have a visible wedge. But I wouldn't go for either unless I tried them on. Just bc they have a wedge doesn't mean they have support for ur arch. Which is the reason converse are so uncomfortable to begin with.

  • I for one am in love with converse.I like the second picture better, but jst because its a heel, doesn't mean it will be more supportive.Look for some insoles or talk to a professional/doctor.


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