How to remove red spots from skin?

I'm going to a water park in a couple days and I have a few red spots from pimples healing on my body. I wanted to know of any ways to make my skin tone even out a bit beforehand.

Hopefully something cheap and that will work quickly without causing more flare ups.


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  • toothpaste on the spots might help. i know its good for getting rid of pimples overall


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  • If it's just red and not infected anymore then no, you'll have to ride it out, or put cover-up on won't stay on though.

  • green toned foundation babe :)

    • Is it a cover up or does it actually even out the skin? Cuz I just dont want it to wash off in the water

    • Ah I see, it'll wash off, but if you buy a green toned moisturiser you can reapply it throughout the day. I'm not sure what else you can do...

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