How to make your hair stay?

I've tried numerous hairstyles, but recently said screw it and went outside, and buzzed it off for the summer. For future reference though, how would you get hairstyles like the faux hawk to stay up and in place for more than 12 hours without redoing it? I'm terrible when it comes to doing my hair since I usually just let it be and go straight, but it was what my last girlfriend wanted me to do and I'm figuring the rest of the ladies like it also.


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  • styling wax + spray

    • Okay did the styling gel/wax before, always worked for a couple of hours by itself.. but hairspray? I'd feel like a woman.

    • Suck it up, if you're styling your hair then you have to use spray. get spray with extra hold.

      and wax and gel are two VERY different things. gel is crap, wax is amazing. if you get a good brand, it should hold your style WITHOUT spray for more than 12 hours.

    • Idk, I'd have to check what it is. Some time of the brand BEDHEAD. Anyways thanks for the info and the constructive "Suck it up." heh

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  • well, use gel like you always do, put it on your hands and use it a little bit all over like all spread out , not like a huge clump of gel. also you can pull it up to shape it that way. blow dry it. wash your hair the night before so it has some natural oils there to keep your hair that way. after you blow dry it after styling, use a bit of hairspray but not too much to keep it into shape.

  • Try spiking gel.


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