What is it like having a beard?

I'm a girl but I have always wondered what it was like to have a beard. The men who I'm close with can barely grow facial hair so I can't ask them. So here's my questions for you bearded men.

Do you wash it with shampoo or face cleanser?
Is the beard soft or rough?
Do you trim it? Is there a lot of maintenance that goes into it? Is it easier to shave or maintain a nice beard?
Does food get stuck in it
Has someone ever tugged on your beard?
Do you get beard tangles?
Would you allow a girl to stroke your beard?
Do you ever miss seeing the covered part of your face?


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  • I like it if I keep it short. I just scrub my face with soap when I shower. I bought a trimmer from amazon that will go from 1mm to 7mm and I usually keep it at 2 or 3mm. it really is not a lot of maintenance as far as trimming it. but since I am old and grey, I do have to dye it. so with a beard that means 2x a week if I want to keep it that way. That is why I shave it down to 1mm a lot. looks like a five o'clock shadow. It is not long enough for food to get stuck, that would be gross. no tangles. My ex wife loved to feel it. that is a real turn on when a woman likes to touch it. And I am always just a couple of seconds from shaving it. and sometimes I do shave it and just grow it back. it only takes a week to get it back to the length I keep it at. I get bad razor burn when I shave every day so I like it better then shaving.


    • Woah, people dye beards? Mind blown
      Do you use regular hair dye or is it a special kind of dye.

      So is there anything annoying about having a beard besides the grey?

    • why mind blown? it is hair so it is no different that dying the stuff on your head. They make special Mustache and beard coloring. it works better on the more course hair. but I can use the same stuff that I use on the top of my head. It does not work as well though. it is very annoying to do it that is why I will not bother unless I am going someplace or have a date. I don't like it when it gets too long. it really bothers me. so I keep it shaved short.

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  • 1. Facial cleanser!
    2. Annoyingly soft like all my hair.
    3. Mine only grows to a certain length so maintenance free but it's not stylish to leave it as such.
    4. Very rarely. Not long enough.
    5. Nope.
    6. Surprisingly, yes.
    7. There are better things to stroke...
    8. Sometimes!

    • How do you get the tangles out? Do comb it?
      I can't think of anything better to stroke than a soft beard. Maybe a kitty or a puppy but thats about it.

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    • Oh so you comb your beard. Mind blown.
      kitties > puppies tbh
      hardcore cat person checking in

    • Year! Kitty love! A club for this too!

  • I've only ever shampooed it out of curiosity; it didn't do anything.
    It's rough to the touch but not against my own face.
    I trim it once every two or three days to keep it fairly short, which is about the same amount of maintenance as shaving with less razor burn. A longer beard is harder to maintain, though.
    Sauces are a little messier, but not by much. No real food gets stuck in it.
    No tugging, but caressing - yes
    Yes, but they're not particularly difficult to deal with in comparison to the hair on my head.
    Depending on who it is, yes.
    No, I look 14 without any facial hair. I prefer to look my age!

    • Then how do you wash it?

  • It is by far the most annoying piece of shit ever invented. If they invented something to make it never grow again.. I would pay thousands !

    • laser hair removal?

    • Don't think that would work. Too much hair.. may try tho. Had my face waxed for charity once. That really hurt !

  • I like having one because without it id look 10 years yougner. And I wouldn't mind a girl stroking it.

  • kind of like the hair down on your vag. sometimes annoying, but other times, kind of cool

    • So your beard is like pubic hair?


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    • you specifically compared it to pubic hair

    • pubic hair IS body hair, lol

  • I have had a beard in several occasions and it's OK. I usually keep my face shaven though because I work in a professional environment and I find it easier to just shave daily than to try to keep a beard well-groomed.

    Shaving daily is a pain in the ass. I always get a chuckle from women who complain about shaving their privates. Try shaving your FACE every day! Nuff said.


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