Guys, what features would you dislike on a girl?

So, this is mainly for the guys out there but what kind of features, physical features and personality, would you hate on a girl?


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  • I know you want guys opinions but I have to say this. It does not matter what guys want! You need to be happy with yourself cause it's who you are and your beautiful in your own way. There will always be a boy that likes you. Every guy has different tastes and being true to yourself if all that matters. I can go out and be insulted for something and have someone else compliment me on the same thing. Be yourself never change yourself for a boy there not worth it in the end


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  • For the physical part: Overweight, short hair, unkempt hair, flat chest/ass, taller than me (above 183cm/6ft)

    Personality: Attitude, stupidity, whiny, bossy, lack of initiative, low self-esteem, no sense of humor, dependant on others, needy, emotionally driven, lack of self-restraint, lack of respect, sugar coating things, religion

  • One thing I can't stand in a girl is any obsession with material wealth. When I ask a girl, "What are you looking for in a guy?", if her first response is anything about cars, houses, income, or career, I immediately introduce her to the curb and move on to the next. I am not your ATM machine, your chauffeur, or your arm candy.

    • That's cool, I understand that. I am honestly not that kind of a girl, but I've definitely met people like this. I like guys who are caring, sweet, fun to be around, funny and someone who loves hugs because I love hugs.

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