What are your thoughts of (Indie) Scene/Emo/Alternative hair? Do any of you have this hairstyle? (If so, read description, please. :D)?

I've been into the (Indie) Scene/Emo/Alternative hairstyle for about 6 years now... Problem is, I never really know how it is cut. I searched online for all the different styles and how to style it and everything. If any of you GAGers have this hairstyle, could you reply or message me with a pic from different angles of your hair? I'd like to see front, back, from the left and right. (I know, I'm so needy!) Sorry if this question was useless to you, but I'd appreciate the help! Also, if you have any tips for cutting hair like this, let me know!


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  • Depends on the shape of your face... If your have a round heart shaped face, go for a cute cut with bangs and loads of layers especially framing your cheeks and jaws. Looks the best on brunettes. You could add purple streaks to complete your look.
    Purple looks really goth and emo! Line your eyes with dark eyeliner and a smudged look.
    If you have long hair, go for a razor cut with bangs or fringes and again, loads of layers. You could make it a 'V-cut'.
    Layers add funkiness to your personality.
    I had layers with purple streaks two years back... Guess I overgrew tht phase...


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