Guys who compliment short hair? What the heck?

A guy friend were walking down a sidewalk.

Some short stocky gal with short pink hair walked by. He complimented her. "Nice hair."

Then he turned to me and said, "And your new haircut also looks nice." (His second compliment about my hair that same night. The first one I brushed off with a strained 'Thanks' as I was in a hurry.)

This time I replied, "Oh, I look like a boy..." (It's REALLY short.)

"It doesn't matter," he replied quickly while half-shaking his head slightly.

I would like to know - Is he saying his compliment 'doesn't matter' since I obviously rejected it (and I have no idea why I did... except that he's taken and it was a gut reaction on my part.)


In general, do guys like girls who accept compliments? Or does complimenting become less fun when she's always accepting it without any issues and then the guy loses interest?



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  • My guess is that he said "doesn't matter" because he liked the haircut even if it WAS boyishly short?

    As for your other questions, I don't mind it all that much if a girl has some difficulty accepting compliments. But when I like someone I enjoy complimenting them, so as long as she's cool with it and likes that about me, then we're good, because I can't keep that sort of stuff to myself. And no, of course not...I wouldn't become disinterested if she got better at accepting compliments. That would be silly.


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  • Some women can pull off short hair simple as that lol./

    • Ah. Simple enough. But you know... I'm always thinking there's an alterior motive which - there probably is.

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    • Not in this case, but... Yeah! In general. Yep.

    • Dated a girl I was friends with she turned into a lesbian not my doing by the way then dated her sister and one of the friends I have now I am pretty sure likes me.

  • I don't find women with short hair attractive. She must have long straight hair ;)

  • If anyone compliments you just say thank you and drop the insecurity. But don't become big headed either.


    • Figures.

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    • You gave!

    • But - this is exactly the answer I gave myself.

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