What does the rating scale really mean?

So there are all these questions everywhere which go, "Rate them on 10"

But what does it mean to be a 6? A 7? Or an 8?

Basically, what does each number denote, according to you?


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  • If I rate someone a 5 everyone's like "no that's so harsh she's a six, she's average, 6 is average". No, surely 5 is average? If 5 is the halfway point, then it is average, but apparently that is harsh.


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  • 10: VS model caliber. Adriana Lima, Bar Rafeli, Beyonce Alessandra Ambrosio, etc. marry her if you get one

    9: extremely attractive. Jessica Biel, Scarlet Johanson caliber. Long term serious relationship if you can.

    8: very pretty girl. This is the average "hottie". Date her if you get the chance

    7: good looking girl with an average body, or better than average body with an average face. Nothing exceptional, but with a good personality, she's definitely girlfriend material. The average "she's pretty" girl. Definitely still bang this girl.

    6: just average. Nothing you look twice at. Probably wouldn't notice her if she didn't talk to you. Not usually dating material unless she's amazing in bed or super fun to be with. If no strings attached, she's friends with benefits material.

    5: below average. Probably chubby, but not fat. Just nothing you really see appealing, but maybe a redeeming factor or two. If friends with benefits 's you keep it on the DL

    4: unattractive. If you're in a gigantic slump and drunk off your ass, talk to a 4 and she'll go home with you because guys don't give her attention. This is the girl your guy friends laugh at you about for bringing home

    3: borderline ugly. Usually fat, just no. Beer goggles don't help you here

    2: straight ugly. Whale sized, doesn't even try with makeup, bad hygiene, hairy, just very unattractive

    1: borderline inhuman. It burns your eyes to look

    0: alien

  • There's two ways I would say

    One way (not how people seem to do it anecdotally)
    Put the person into a percentile (based on their age to an extent)
    0= ugliest person
    2= bottom 20% of their peers
    5= 50%
    7= 70%
    10= hottest person or close

    The other way is the way people do it I'd guess
    1= really ugly
    3= petty ugly
    5= plain
    6= okay looking
    7= good looking
    8= really good looking
    9= exceptionally attractive
    10= really stands out with really exceptional, amazing looks.

  • 10 = perfect, theoretically can't happen
    9 = out of the ordinary, "WOW" hot, or model-hot
    8 = very good looking, but not exceptional, "everyday" hot
    7 = run of the mill good looking, attractive, but you won't get whiplash when they walk past
    6 = decent, better side of average
    5 = average, plain looking
    4 = below average
    3 = this is where we get into "ugly" territory, decidedly unattractive
    2 = very unattractive, tough to look at
    1 = "wal-mart" ugly

  • 0- would not bang
    1- would bang if she wore a mask
    2- would bang if she took me anally
    3- would bang if she gave good bj first
    4- would bang sex no chat first
    5- would bang
    6- would bang and chat to her
    7- would bang and give her oral
    8- would chat before banging
    9- would take on date then bang
    10-would take on a date without a guarantee of a bang

  • It's all rather arbitrary to be very honest.

    Rate me
    Rate me my friend
    Rate me
    Rate me again

    I'm not the only one, I'm not the only one...

    Rate me
    Do it and do it again
    Rate me
    Rate me my friend

    I'm not the only one, I'm not the only one...

    I need you to endorse
    Put me up on a high horse
    Appreciate your concern
    Without confirmation I'll burn

    Rate me!

  • A person who recieves a rating of 1 is truly repulsive.
    A person rated a 5 is of average attractiveness.
    A person rated a 10 is the most attractive you can imagine. Absolutely perfect.

    8 or 9 are great looking.
    6 and 7 are better than average, but not as good.
    5 is meh.

  • It'll vary from person to person, I mean 5 generally means average... 6-7 is above average but a very common rating, 8 is good looking but nothing special. 9 is almost perfect, 10 should be almost unattainable as it's that persons vision of perfect. 1-4 are below average and just unattractive.

  • In simple words (I don't get technical much, more logical suits me)
    5 = average
    below 5 = below average and going downwards where 1 is worse than '0'
    6 - 8 = above average
    9 = good & great
    10 = HOT :)

  • Every guy has different standards so take the scale with a grain of salt.

  • 1-2 you wouldn't touch with a 10 ft pole

    3-4 they aren't horrendous but you wouldn't get with them

    5- average girl with nothing special about her but nothing bad

    6. A little bit hot but might only have one or two good features.

    7. Good looking gf material.

    8. Good looking girl with almost nothing wrong with her and plenty of good features.

    9. The type you have to check out and your body lights up when you see them and you might see one every 3 or 4 days.

    10 absolutely stunning.

  • Below 5 = Ugly

    5 = average

    6 and 7sh = little above average

    8 and 9sh = Hot

    10 = Bangable. Pshh


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