How can I stop my hair from tangling all the time?

I have very thin hair, I've never dyes them, I always keep them naturall because they are straight (slightly wavy) and my hair is ALWAYS TANGLED.I brush them and they look great but the second i walk oute of the door they get tangled ofcurse and look frezy and damaged.I'm sick because I have to carry a comb around to untangle them and it's not cool.I would prefer ot not use leave on conditioner, too because my hair is oily


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  • Just use a really good conditioner that you wash out. BUT use that conditioner BEFORE using a shampoo. Use the conditioner, then use the shampoo. This way your hair won't get as greasy THAT soon + you'll have more volume (the conditioner won't weigh your hair down as much).

    • So I wet my hair, I exit the water a little bit, I use the conditioner on the bottoms, rinse out and then use the shampoo.Do I use a little bit of conditioner again on the ends?

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    • Nothing- you really helped me! I've never heard of that first conditioning thing before.You opened up my eyes :O... lol

    • Haha you're very welcome. ^-^

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  • why don't you use a detangler?

    • The spray or the brush.I haven't tried neithe rof them but if you mean the brush, that will untangle them fro just an hour.My hair ACTUALLY gets tangled when I'm walking, when I'm moving, when I'm OUTDOORS, like the MINUTE I walk OUT.How would a detangler help

    • try trimming the ends

    • I've done it.And taht doesn't help because I don't want and I SHOULDN'T get my hair shorter or even thinner...

  • Wear it up or cut it off. Hats are good also.

    • Yeah really helpfull...Maybe I should go bald-WTF?

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    • *shaved

    • I didn't need it. I still don't need it.I only have it now because of my slight frame. People would just assume I was sick. I was bald for 3 years. Now I'm pushing 50 so I let it grow out. If you look at my thumb nail picture , that's what I look like now. I still have it thinned monthly. And it still looks likes sh.t

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