How can I keep my room clean?

It always happens to me every time I have a visitor by surprise my room is not clean. I don't know how to keep it clean I am not a messy girl because I clean it and then it's dirty again. Please help me because I die of embarrassment when a visitor comes by surprise and my room is not clean.


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  • It sounds like you need to find a way to use the space you have, and stay organized - after you get organized. Do you keep stuff that you don't need - box it up, put it in the basement whatever. Do you use baskets for your clothes or do you pie them up - don't pile them up if that's the case. And designate spots for certain things - put all your shoes in one spot, put your school stuff in another spot, put whatever other stuff in other designated spots.

    And like at department stores - there's always some little filing cabinet-type thing that you may find useful to help you organize the little things that you have laying around. And they have stackable little cabinets so you can buy as many as you need - those are cool, lol.

    And designate a time to do daily organizing - earlier in the day, like after school or something, so when unsuspecting visitors come by, you only have to put a few things away.


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  • If you were smart you would get boxes.

    Or, just put it in a closet you have. If people always come by surprise,

    Throw EVERYTHING in boxes, and clean it up

    every single time you can, take 5 minutes to put the stuff in its box.

    Or if you know your room isn't clean; get a lock and lock it.

  • Just tell yourself "pick it up and put it away" people might come over. Then remember how you felt when they saw it messy.