Do you like the Plaid Skirt and Tank Top outfit?

The girl I like, was wearing a skirt today, much like this:


Not that exact one, but yeah. She wore it with no leggings, which shows off her legs to the guys, and didn't even cross her legs. She was sitting with her legs underneath a desk, so noone could see. For a top she wore some sort of spaghetti strap tank top type thing, not too sure exactly. As for shoes, she did high rise socks, and those shoes that are like sandals but not exactly, I can't remember the name of them. We were in a I don't think that was the right choice as an outfit, but it got my attention, and got me to introduce myself.

Do you like this outfit? Was it really appropriate for where we were? and do you think it was right of me to approach her today when she wore this, as opposed to other days, when she wasn't dressed like this?


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  • Yeah I thought it was cute. BUT with a speghettie strap, no, if I wore a speghettie strap, I would wear a button up shirt tied under my bust... if I was going for that look.. and shoe wise... Ehh, kinda hard to pair with this outfit... but chucks would be cute lol


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  • sure, why not? most girls dress according to how they feel.

    what I got out of this story is that she wanted to feel sexy, and have guys notice her.

    and obviously it worked, didn't it?

  • I'm pretty sure you over analyzed her outfit.


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