Are there any extensions I could get and have a hairdresser put in?

i have naturally brown hair, and not to be (well I can't think of the word at the moment.. sorry - but I'm not trying to say how amazing my hair is lol) but I have a really pretty natural hair color and always get compliments on it.. however I just got a hair cut that I love love! since it's the summer I was thinking of having a little fun with my hair.. I am not like scene or anything but I was thinking of getting these red highlights on the bottom of my hair like selena gomez (the only person I found a picture of) I have reallly long hair also... here's the picture: link I was thinking something like that... I am scared that it won't look good or ruining my hair.. are there any extensions I could get and have a hairdresser put in? or what are your thoughts on this hair style (the red..) Thanks a ton!

oh yeah I am also 17

basically what would you think if you saw these in me.. because like I said I am not scene I think I am hmm maybe bohemian? I wear a lot of flowy shirts clothes from like Nordstrom


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  • Oh , it's really really really nice I sayyyy get it!

  • the pic was forbidenn from my pc

    • Here is another link....

    • Ohh...pretty love the red I think it will look great!!!!!!!!