Question for Girls: What body do you prefer a man to have?


I am 17 and am a very skinny guy and I know some people would love to have a skinny body. But I hate it. I am also very tall so I look disgusting sometimes. Don't get my wrong. I think there are some things about me that look pretty nice, like my hair and face. But I am just so thin and tall I look like a stick insect and I am afraid to go outside in a t-shirt sometimes. I would love to have a good body that could fit into a t-shirt very well.

I have started working out at the Gym and I starting to see a bit of improvement on my body and I feel a bit happier. But I still look so skinny and horrible. I overheard some girls speaking the other day saying do they prefer skinny guys or buff guys. More of them said a average size guy. But some said skinny. I couldn't understand that when I hate being skinny myself.

So, what do you prefer :)?

Thanks for the help :)!

(I not Level 3 so I can't create a poll, so I will just do it this way)

A) Skinny

B) Average

C) Above average (Toned muscles etc)

D) Bodybuilder


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  • I like how my man is. He has muscles (that he can work magic with :P) but he is short so he would be ugly if muscles were too dominant. Guy should be fit. So I think he is between your average and above average. :D

    Now his muscles are fading because he has done too much cardio as oppose to simple muscle lifting.

    As I have a bit ( take it really as a 'bit', many who are experts on this would say same words but I think it is important to check my sayings with your personal trainer which I recommend you to get) knowledge in this area ( my boyfriend's brother is a personal trainer), I know that proper gym plan and proper eating (not just random but specially put together for you) can make really great difference. You need to work on every muscle on your body, especially near your shoulders - it adds to your body figure and makes it more manlier ( I think that is the magic feature that girls crave on men - manliness). But you must understand that everything takes time. Just don't lose the motivation. The girls will love you ( maybe just like how you are right now, maybe you are just perfect ), body figure will improve, love will come. Everything will come. In time.

    I know a guy who was skinny, but with some help, he got pretty nice body now.

    But as everyone would say, even if you would have a tail (:D) there is someone out there who loves or maybe even adores it! It all depends on person.

    My point of view is that if you continue the gym workouts and get a great food plan (only gym does very little - you should eat more protein and other stuff that experts recommend for you) - you will have much healthier lifestyle, improve your muscle system and even if you don't get girls with it, you will certainly feel better. Like everyone knows - workout and proper eating strengthens your immune system so you'll also be less often ill. :)


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  • Skinny, your easier to hug that way! ; )

  • I don't think a girl would want their man to be skinnier than them,

    too big isn't good either, they'll think you take steroids.

    average/above average is good

    I like broad shoulders.

    If your skinny though, try working out

    muscles will make it look better.

    well that's my little bit of advice :)

  • they guy I like is REALLY skinny and tall, he's the tallest guy in my grade and a flat out stick but I love it! tall guys are always a plus, its a little awkward when the girl is taller. as long as your confident most girls will like it. learn to love being who you are cause being insecure is a turn off to me

    hope this helps :)

  • Well I usually like B or C but that's because I tend to fall for the exact opposite of what I am.

    I've a friend who's really tall and skinny. He's not that good looking but that guy can look you in the eyes and sweep you off your feet. He's had soooo many girls. Even I fell for it for a while. He's pretty confident so I guess that's the key.

  • Any of them. I don't judge by body types. If you like how you look and aren't going to judge me based on looks either then we'll do just fine. It may be somewhat hypocritical of me, but extreme Hulk Hogan muscles slightly creep me out.


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