Natural hair dye lighten your hair?

I want to lighten my hair do you know of a natural hair remedy at home
I heard lemon with honey and I heard lemon cinnamon water and olive oil

Any of you tried it and has it worked for you girls?


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  • I tried the lemon and honey last summer, and sat in the sun for about 2-3 hours. For some reason, it didn't really work with my hair and just made it feel gross, dry and sticky for the rest of the day lol. But sometimes just sitting out in the sun for a while makes your hair naturally lighten, as my hair gets lighter as the summer goes on.

    • Was ur hair really dark to start

    • It's not too dark, but it was between a medium-dark brown. My hair is also curly, so I don't know if that could've had any factor in it. Thanks for best answer!

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