Embarassing moments- really cute?

i was reading somewhere that guys think its cute when a girl says the wrong thing or embarrasses herself in front of the guy she likes and I was wondering if you guys(or girls) think that's cool or there just crazy.

for example the guy I liked went to give me a fist pump thing and I gave him a high five by accident so he did a fist pump high five thing it was really embarrassing and I looked completely stupid would you guys think that's cute or I'm just like mentally retarded (fyi this really happened)


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  • hell yea it's cute. if the girl turns a bit red (not completely) and brushes her hand thru her hair nervously and runs off in embarrassment, it would make me wanna run after her and let her snuggle up to me to make her feel better

    crying is cute too, if it's about something real


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  • thats funny lol... id laugh if that happened :D

    and yeah id think it'd be cute, but seriously, you got nothing to worry about.. just laugh it off

  • I hate to say the word cute, but I guess it probably would be cute.


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