How attractive would you say that I am?

It says it in the title. How attractive would you say I am. I guess you could rate on the 1-10 thing.


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  • Can't see your face very well in the shadow there, but I wouldn't kick you out of bed. :-)

    I'll give you an 8, plus or minus a point on a more detailed inspection, lol! You're a good lookin' girl. Got nothing to be ashamed of and plenty of reason to be confident.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love the dress and you're pretty I'd go with 6/7. More pics would be helpful

    May I just say, you seem a lot like the typical , somewhat wealthy, suburban white girl to me, which some people percieve as stuck up or superficial

    • aww I am not stuckup.

    • I believe you, I'm just saying in that pic, you look a bit like a stereotype and people associate things with that.
      Make an effort to find your own style

    • lol I get it and thanks for saying that you like my dress:)

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  • A 6. You're average


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