Womens underwear... whats the point of some?

i understand when it comes to womens underwear there are tons of different options and cuts, styles etc.
my wife likes it when i shop for sexy underwear for her and special occasion (bdays Christmas etc) i go into stores like victorias secret la senza etc and buy her underwear... she mostly wears thongs.
i understand the point of thongs g strings etc.
what i dont understand (as good as they look) is the point of brazillian cut, cheekies, cheekinis whatever u wanna call them i dont see the point.
i know the point of thongs/gstrings is so u dont see panty lines. so why with cheekies do girls even wear them? u can still panty lines... would think youd wear underwear where it covers the whole ass or nothing at all... or maybe is it just if u dont wanna wear a thong but u wanna wear something that is sexier that panties that cover your entire ass? not sure ladies help me out
Womens underwear... whats the point of some?
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