I'm not attractive and this is making me feel insecure?

I feel that even if I had a slim body; I would still not be good enough.
Victoria's secret models or just really stunning girls like these:






Make me feel so insecure. Like if I were dating a guy, he'll leave me on the spot for one of them. Makes me think of getting plastic surgery for bigger boobs, butt, or small nose.
Unfortunately, my parents aren't good looking. What should I do? Guys drool for girls like these. I want the same attention. A guy willing to do anything for me and only have eyes for me.
I'm a pear body-shaped girl that is chubby.
I have chubby cheeks.
Brown hair and eyes. Olive skin.
Baby butt. BCup bra.
A bit wide nose.
Hair is in between my bra strap and butt line. I'm 5'6; 156 pounds


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok, first off, the girl in the last picture is INSANELY photoshopped.
    But what you need to know is that self love comes from within, even if you get plastic surgery your issues with yourself won't magically just disappear. You need to practice self love, and acceptance.
    That's just like how people think losing weight will magically make them happier, but they still are not happy with themselves. You need to learn to accept yourself for who you are, and you will find true happiness.
    And trust me, it may take a while. But you can do it.


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What Guys Said 3

  • ...I don't really like either of these females based on looks. You should have posted a picture of yourself so I could look at something that's not just photoshopped to make it seem like they're good looking, even though I can criticize them even in their current state.

    So, meh. You have good chances if you're competing against these women.

  • Lady, seriously, stop looking at Victoria's Secret Models, they literally go on liquid only diets to lose every extra ounce of body fat, their reproductive systems have probably shut down.

    You want gorgeous, look at the likes of Selena Gomez, Kyra Gracie, Gina Carano. Beautiful but not emaciated.

    And no offense, but the reality is--if you're overweight, or genetics didn't give you a good face, there's only three options.

    1. Improve thyself. It's available, to many degrees. You could work out, get slim. You could get bigger boobs if you wanted, or plastic surgery for a prettier face. Me, I want lasik this year...

    2. Lower your expectations to be realistic. If you're chubby, don't expect a physically fit guy, just as a chubby guy can't expect a girl who looks awesome in a bikini.

    3. Or, gripe about it.

  • We're not all beautiful. That does not mean that we are not all valuable.


What Girls Said 1

  • You don't need to look like a supermodel to attain or keep a good guy. There's always someone that will find you attractive and after that point, your personality will be most crucial.

    • And RGB is correct, the last picture is photoshopped like CRAZY lol.

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