Ways to wear my hair up without damaging them?

Sooo I really need to have my hair up when I'm at home 1st -to prevent them from rubbing everywhere and get damaged and 2nd-because they really annoy me when I'm at home and either studying or slepping or doing something else.So I know that having them in a bun with the elastics or lots of bobby pins isn't good because the hair break and get damaged (once again).So I thought of using chopstics/hairticks on them.I have a pair of hairsticks from Japan (the're wooden and silky not rough or anything).When I use them I try to have my hair brushed first and do it nice and gently and of course NOT TIGHT...So are hairsticks damaging them or are they just fine? And do you know which is the least damaging way to wear my hair up?
PS:I ONLY wear them up when I'm at home-I'm NOT always in a bun or something...


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  • A bun is actually a great protective style. I don't like using the elastic bands or whatnot because I have to be really gentle taking it out so my hair doesn't get pulled out. I think hair sticks would be just fine. I would use them if I had them.


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  • I'm a dancer so my hair is in a bun a LOT of the time. I do mine only with bobby pins, no hair ties, and it's actually not damaged at all. I keep it healthy by not using any heat on it. No straightening. No blow drying. No curling. And I rarely ever have split ends.

  • You can always braid :)

    • Yeah but they are down when braided.Like their ends are rubbing all over my clothes, my robes, the couch and that's not good...Like they're not up, when they don't have any actuall "attach" with everything.You get it? :)

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