I need help with hair color! Dye suggestions?

I have recently gone to the hair salon to get my hair done. I haven't dyed my hair in years, so I came in with all virgin hair. I brought in a picture to show the hairdresser what color I wanted her to dye my hair. It's kind of a burgundy/plum/eggplant color lol. She let me pick out from the colors that were available at the salon, and I picked the red color with the most purple undertone in it.
And, as always, my hair didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I don't know if it's just cuz my hair is too dark or cuz of the hairdresser, who didn't seem like she was paying attention to anything I said, but nothing really happened to my hair. It's not even close to a burgundy color!
So, after having to wait an hour and a half at the reception area, even though I made an appointment a week in advance, and having to pay close to $100 for such a disappointing result, I've decided to look into dyeing my hair on my own. My only problem is finding the hair dye that I need to get the color that I want :(
So, if anyone could help me find something really close to this, or if anyone has any suggestions that could help me get this color, please please please let me know!! If the process includes bleaching my hair, I most likely wouldn't do it.
Here are a few pictures of the hair color that I want:https://www.pinterest.com/pin/48413764716599057/
I've tried to take a picture of my hair cuz u can see just a hint of the color that was used on my hair, depending on the lighting, but it basically still looks black.


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  • You look good don't worry just try going to a different hair dresser.


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  • It'll be hard to change your hair again because it's so dark, pretty much anything you add over it will just make it darker. I wouldn't recommend dying it yourself because you'll probably have to bleach it a couple levels first before dying it again, and bleach isn't fun to play around with because you can get really patchy results.
    I had a hair mishap recently and that's what they told me. So I'm just using regular, non-colour safe shampoo to get it to fade as much as possible. You could try that too and it might lighten up to show more of the colour you wanted originally.


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  • I used manic panic burgundy on my hair and it turned out that color it's not the best hair dye in the world but it is that color

  • Lol I have black hair so I would say black


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